Acelen Renewables


We are committed to actively participating in the global energy transition. With a robust and innovative project, Acelen Renewables will invest over $2.5B in its first unit for the production of renewable fuels, SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel), and Renewable Diesel. Our expectation is to produce 20,000 barrels/day, around 1 billion liters per year, equivalent to the annual fueling of 1.1 million vehicles.

Focusing on the recovery of degraded lands, at least 5 agro-industrial hubs will be implemented mainly with Macauba cultivation. In total, there will be 200,000 hectares of forests in Bahia and Minas Gerais through public/private partnerships and the use of family farming, capturing up to 355 ton/ha of CO2.

We will produce the fuel of the future in Brazil, in a 100% sustainable project with three main pillars:


  • Low production cost and quick launch of the product to the market
  • Verticalization of high-energy crops (Macauba)
  • Solution combined with competitive feedstocks


  • Large socioeconomic impact on less developed regions in Brazil – a $17B impact on the economy
  • 20% of cultivation dedicated to family farming
  • 90,000 direct and indirect jobs generated


  • High carbon capture and low-CI fuel
  • 60 million tons of CO2 removed from the atmosphere
  • Recovery of degraded land - 80% reduction in CO2 emissions

From Seed to Energy


Conception of Acelen Renewables and beginning of studies on the production of renewable fuels.
Acelen Renewable Fuels Project Announcement
CITA Construction Start
RD/SAF Refinery Basic Engineering Start
RD/SAF - 1st Gen Feedstock Production Start