Macauba. The 100% sustainable energy transition seed. A partnership on a global scale.

Macauba is a native Brazilian tree, and its use as a renewable fuel is a relevant innovation developed by Acelen Renewables and its global partners.

Macauba stands out for its easy adaptation to the ecosystem, and, in our project, it will be produced primarily on highly degraded lands. Macauba can also be cultivated in conjunction with other farm crops, thus enhancing the generation of income for family farmers as well as helping to regenerate degraded soils.

Macauba X Soybeans

5 to 7 times more oil per hectare

Macauba x Sunflowers

4x less area


Recovery of 200,000 hectares of highly degraded land


80% less CO2 (Compared to fossil fuel)

It regenerates highly degraded soils. And generates income for thousands of family farmers.

Macauba has high oil productivity per hectare. Being highly competitive in relation to other crops, it offers greater efficiency in the use of water and nutrients, supporting the preservation and recovery of the biome.

Its cultivation will be carried out using the best agricultural, environmental, and social practices, favoring carbon capture in plantations, in addition to reducing CO2 emissions from seed to fuel. Generating 90,000 direct and indirect jobs.